About Steve Richie for District 5

Oregon House of Representatives

Southern Jackson County Oregon

Occupation: Fire-Sprinkler System Design BusinessOccupational Background: Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources 1988-1989; Oregon State Senate 1990; Washington State Legislature 1991-1998 (issue research/development); Integrity Fire Systems 1998-2011; Fire Sprinkler System Design and Consulting to present.

Educational Background: B.S. Forestry, Oregon State University, 1987

Family: Married 25 years: Son-2014 SOU Graduate.

Dear Southern Jackson County Citizens,

I am Fed Up with partisan politics. Yes I have an “R” in front of my name on the ballot, but that doesn’t define me.  Partisan politics is what led me to resign from my position with the Washington State Legislature and seek peace and sanity in the private sector. 20 years ago partisan rhetoric was already leading to gridlock and angst. Voter anger was in its infancy. At 34, I was already terribly cynical.

As a community we are not Republicans and Democrats; Conservatives and Liberals. We are friends and neighbors working together with a common goal to make our neighborhoods, towns and county better places for ourselves and our children. We all have unique ideas on how to make that happen.

I am interested in every constituent’s story. Your individual journey has shaped your views and opinions, and that life experience cannot be discounted.

Please let me know your thoughts, and I will promise to take that knowledge with me to Salem and work to return Southern Oregon to a prosperous, enviable community in which to raise our children, work and retire.


–  Steve Richie

P.S. I went to school at OSU and I can compromise with Duck.  Check out the colors of my campaign. 🙂

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